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My Novel is Almost Here

My goodness. I finally, finally, finally, have the proof of my book. It’s in pieces so I can check it out for anything that might be wrong, and of course there was. This… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers: Home

“I wan’a go home.” “We just got here.” “It’s boring.” “We’re on a new adventure. We’ve never been here before.” “I’m cold.” “Button your coat.” “Don’t wan’a.” “Then be cold.” “Don’t make him… Continue reading

From Melt Down to Yea

Last Thursday, I had a slight melt down. I was upset with my book designer, web designer, me, and God. My book Pegasus Colony should have been finished a month ago, but no.… Continue reading

Afternoon Snack

Friday Fictioneer: Technology

“Mom, I can’t find my assignment. I checked twitter, email, facebook, It’s not in the mail either.” “Would Master Pendgester send your assignment by something as unsecured as the internet or by a… Continue reading

Flowers & Bees

It’s difficult to take a picture of bees. They don’t stay in one place long enough for me to push the click button. I can safely say, “I got these photos by pure… Continue reading

The Realities of Self-Publishing

I spent one entire day on the phone and filling out forms on the computer. OK, it wasn’t every second of the day, but it sure felt like it. I started the day… Continue reading

Blood & Roses

Persefonee, Episode 1.2 Book Series: Blood & Roses: A Sci-Fi Adventure Author: Rhys Christopher Ethan   Synopsis: Yv has escaped the deadly planet she was held at, but not without her scars. Zïn… Continue reading

Reflections on the Mississippi River

    You can see more Mississippi photos under Mississippi Project.                                

Friday Fictioneer: One Last Drink

“That’s disgusting,” Sherri said. “It’s the last of the ingredients. Drink it.” “I’ll vomit.” “You prefer the alternative?” Sherri closed her eyes and drank in one gulp. Codere stooped to pick up her… Continue reading