Topaz Plot

Magic promised intrigue, adventure and excitement.

It lied.

The jewel, topaz, was forge by magic as a wedding gift for the new king and queen. Magic corrupted it. Topaz fed on despair. It stole dreams. Once it ensnared a life, it never let go.

Topaz became indestructible. It could not be cracked, smashed, melted, or destroyed.


Rheaux was completely against the idea, she wanted Dor to give up thieving and become a farmer. Dor assured her this was the last time. All he had to do was find the cave and bring a dragon’s scale to the castle in exchange for a bag of gold. What could go wrong?

Dor couldn’t pass up the challenge that would make him the greatest thief of all time. He didn’t stop to consider who had issued the challenge or why. He never considered the consequences

When Dor does not return home, Rheaux sets out to find him. She first looks for him at the castle where she becomes entangled with the affairs of evil. She doesn’t know who to trust. But if she doesn’t figure out the riddle of the strange topaz stone, everyone in the castle, the surrounding town, and land will be come slaves to Magic.

What could go wrong? Everything.