Good Day for Writing

Today was most unusual. I was so very tired when I woke up, I decided to cancel my day and just stay home, stay in bed and finish getting over a cold.I went to the bathroom, eat breakfast and went back to bed.

I thought today would be a good day to laz around and think about Topaz – Jewel of Desire. As I began thinking, scenes flooded out of my mind.

Scenes like the end of the book. I generally knew where the end of the book would happen, but not all of what happened or how I would get the characters there.

I considered trying to keep the scene in my  mind. I really didn’t want to get up, but the scene was nagging to be written down. So I got up, got pen, paper and a clipboard and went back to be. I rolled over onto my side and started to write. When I was finished, I rolled on my back.

The story kept coming. So I wrote more and wrote more and wrote. As I finished one scene, it led to another and to another.

Every time I took a break and thought I was finished for the day, more came. Other scenes throughout the story filled in, which lead to more ideas.

By day’s end, I’d handwritten over fifty pages. Now, I’ll type all of it into the draft in my computer. The handwritten version is my first draft. The typed in version is the second draft. I’ll clean up what I’ve written and see how the surrounding scenes fit in. Later I’ll reread it and see how it fits within the context of the story and write more.

It’s amazing to me how that works. I woke with no ideas and ended with fifty pages. I wish everyday was like that. I’d get a lot done.

Today was great. I’m finished for now, but I can’t wait until I put it in my computer and see what else develops.