Fictional Character as Victim

Sidrea speaks:

Phyllis writes about me, in Topaz – Jewel of Desire, without my permission.

She thinks she knows me. She does not.

She says I am evil. I am not.

I am the victim. All this is his fault and rightly so.

I gave my heart to him only to have it crushed in his fist. My blood ran out and soaked the ground. He walked through my blood with no more respect than mud.

I was willing to give up immortality for him. He would not give me his name.

He was king. He wanted an heir. The only thing I could not give him. He thought I would sit on the side of his bed and wait until he came to me.


On the day they wed, I stopped the rain.

On the day of their heir’s birth, I caused the river that flowed from the mountains, through his kingdom, to the valley, and to the ocean beyond, to disappear. At the edge of his kingdom the river dropped into the land and flowed under the lake. It reappeared at the edge of his kingdom as it entered the valley. The lake water continued flow down stream until it was empty. It took years, but his kingdom dried up just like my love for him.

His farmers moved into the valley already farmed by the kingdom from beyond the mountains. Each kingdom claimed land on one a side of the river. But I moved the river from side to side so the farmers, and eventually the kingdoms, battled over farmland.

I placed war in his heart, so he would never stop fighting.

Such magic used up all of my youth and energy. I had no choice. It was the only way to make him pay for what he’d done.

Now he is dead. From his grave, he will watch, as I again become the beauty he pledged his love to. He will watch, as I take over his kingdom and destroy all that he fought for. Then he will have all of eternity to regret his betrayal.

I will finally be vindicated.