Keeping to My Path

I forgot.

Then Guy Kawasaki recommended If You Want to Write, by Brenda Ueland. No, I don’t know him personally. I heard him on loco MPR,

When I was younger, I went to college for Fine Arts, painting and drawing. Many of my fellow students worried about pleasing the teacher. They usually made mostly C’s. I remember long worried discussions that they didn’t know what to do to get better grades. They felt like failures.

I didn’t care what my teacher thought. I very happily painted what I wanted. I strived to satisfy my desires and produced what I wanted. I made  mostly A’s and felt like a success.

There are many artists who are producing commercial work, paintings and drawings, they believe people want to buy and they do sell their work. But if you go into the backroom where they paint to satisfy themselves, those paintings are five times better. I believe those artists could sell more if they were true to themselves.

The point being,  if one loves what they are doing, they will do a much better job and be more profitable.

I’m not sure how I moved from paining and drawing to writing. At that time in my life, creating art work was like breathing. I couldn’t not breath; I couldn’t not paint.

But something happened. One day, I realized I couldn’t make a living by my art work so I changed my major to Graphic Arts. I was good, but not as nearly good as an artist. I did get a job working with computer graphics, but I never got that favorable graphic arts job.

Now I write. But I’ve had my sites on making a living at writing not on the pleasure of writing. I’ve stressed over it. I’ve tried to promote books before they were ready. I’ve been frustrated. I haven’t succeed. I’ve felt like a failure.

The book If You Want to Write reminds me I need to write to satisfy me, not the almighty dollar. I need to write with the same passion as I once painted, so I will to have that same satisfaction. I still need to be disciplined to get the posts and chapters written. I still want to make a living off my writing. What I need is an attitude change and not stressed over it, but write for the love of it.