The Love of Writing

Do I love writing? Not sure. Ideas continually float about in my head. As ideas begin to form into sentences, I write them down. Since I don’t carry any kind of electronic writing device with me, I write by hand.

I usually can’t wait until I get home to write. I might forget. When I write it down, it clears my head so more ideas can come in. If I don’t write it down, I might get more than one idea in my head then my brain really gets clogged up.

I consider  the hand written page my first draft. I clean it up as I type it into my computer. I now have a second draft.

Seems like I have more hand written pages than I have time to type them in. That’s when I wish I had something small to carry around with me or a recorder that would take what I said and type it in for me. Then I’d clean it up later. But then I’d have more to work on. I just need to sit down and get caught up.

So do I love to write? I honestly don’t know. I do know if I don’t write, my head will burst open. I find satisfaction in writing and it pleases me when others like what I’ve written. But I’d write even it no one else reads it. So maybe I do love writing.