From failure to success: JK Rowling

JK Rowling is the world’s only billionaire author. But she did not walk from childhood to the creator of Harry Potter. For her it was a long road of poverty and failure. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, she continued to write.

She did not quite when publishing houses rejected Harry Potter. Bet they kicked themselves when she became the most well known author who rejuvenated the book industry.

Yet, she has remained real.

I saw a TV interview where she and the host were discussing all the paraphernalia sold along with her books. Even though she made a profit from the sales, she looked directly into the camera and told the parents not to buy all that stuff for their children. They didn’t need it.

She frequently said once someone finished reading a Harry Potter book, find another book to read. She would be appalled if she knew there were Amazon reviewers who compared everything they read to Harry Potter.

As much as I admire JK Rowling, I’m glad there is only one of her. If everyone wrote exactly like her, it would be a boring read indeed. Each author is an individual. Each has their own way to tell a story. It’s verity that makes for the spice of good reading.

In 2008, when she gave the Harvard commencement speech, she didn’t praise the glory of success, she spoke on how failure will make you strong.


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