Craft of Writing

Yes, I took grammar in middle and high school, but like math, it was something I never thought I’d need. Now I write and I wish grammar and punctuation had made a better impression on me.

When I started writing, my grammar kills were limited. I could write a sentence well enough, but I’d forgotten about passive voice, the use of had, and all the places commas belong. I’m still learning. There’s a difference between putting words together with all the right subjects, objects, and such, and writing a sentence worthy to be read.

As I was unaware of good quality in my writing, I was unaware of of it in others’ writing. As I’ve learned the rules, I now see the lack of skill in others.

Those who have read my beginning work rolled their eyes at what I didn’t know. Some were gracious in letting me know what I was doing wrong and some less so. I’m grateful for each of them. And I realize I need to spending learning my craft.

I can’t properly express myself if I don’t know what I’m doing. Example, I wrote a long action seen in the passive voice. It slowed the action and deadened the impact of the thrill.

I over used and missed used the word had.

I don’t understand why a professional publisher allows their authors to make these same mistakes and m ore. Where are their line editors? A professional editor said, in an effort to save money, publishers are not using editors like they used to. I tend to believe it.

It’s becoming difficult to find a well written book. If the quality of craftsmanship is really bad, I stop reading. And I’m not an expert by any means. When I do find something well written, it’s like a fresh drink of water on a hot day. I don’t want to strop reading. I wish I wrote that well.

I know there is a lot more I need to learn. And as I learn it, I see the lack in others and am disappointed. We are the greatest nation in the world. Yet we are lacking in so many areas. It seems writing and reading is one of them.

I’ve heard professional critics cringe at the writing quality of books like the Twilight series. I have not read the books, not into vampires, but after hearing their comments, I’m even less interested.

That might sound like they are snobs, but this people read for a living. And when one reads a lot, they can tell who takes pride in their work and who doesn’t care.

I heard the same comments about Twilight from a teenage girl. She began her reading interest with the series. Her reading list expanded, as did her reading skills. When she went back to Twilight, she saw how poorly written it was. The teen girl put the book down and never returned to it.

I know there are thousands of teens who will take issue with me over their favorite book, especially since I never read it. And her books did make it into motion pictures, but still…

Twilight is not the issue of this post. Poor quality craftsmanship and loss of pride in one’s work is. It’s all of our fault. the author for not seeking out proper education, and yes, I too am also at fault, the publishers and editors who do not educate the author, and the reader for not demanding better quality work.

What do you think?