Cause & Affect

The actions of one character can change the course of the plot and set in motion a domino tumble.

In the TV show Revenge, Amanda Clark is out to destroy the family who destroyed her family. She executes each person’s downfall perfectly, but she does not take into account those who are also affected by those who are harmed.

Frank Stevens is head of security to the Grayson family. He’s like a german-shepered protecting his family.

Amanda wants him gone before he gets a whiff of her. She sends a video to Conrad Grayson that gets Frank fired.

But Frank does not go quietly. He wants to know who got him fired and why. Like a starving wolf on the sent of his next meal, Frank learns the source of the video and eventually learns Amanda’s secret.

Frank is bretter at the revenge game than Amanda. He knows he’s better than most in his profession. He keeps a close eye on all that is going on around him, little gets past him. In his arrogance, he doesn’t see his betrayer’s attack.

Frank has been eliminated, but another takes his place. Someone Amanda never thought would become involved in her life ever again. This is not good.

Cause and affect …

Frank gets too close.

Cause: Amanda wants him out of the picture.

Affect: he digs until he learns the truth.

The affect on him: Betrayal.

The final out come: Amanda has a new, worse problem to solve.

But what could she do? If Amanda had done nothing, Frank would have found her out eventually. She had to so something. Unfortunately for her, things did not turn out the way she planned.

And the plot for Revenge becomes more complicated.

What is it your character does that will get him/her in to more trouble than they already are?