My New Favorite Author

Jim Butcher is my new favorite author. He almost wasn’t.

Jim Butcher writes the Dresden files. Main character is Harry Dresden, a Chicago wizard detective who fights evil while protecting the innocent. I’m not sure why, but for some reason, I thought the books were horror fiction.

I’m not into horror fiction. Vampires, werewolves, zombies and such don’t interest me. So I didn’t bother to read any of the books. I saw the cancelled TV series, Dresden Files, on I liked the show. While at the library, I saw a Dresden book, I thought why not. I fell in love.

It’s not horror fiction nor is it just about being a detective. The book is about Harry Dresden’s life as a wizard detective, which includes bringing down evil fantasy characters.

I think the series didn’t survive because it lacked Jim butcher’s  sense of humor. I liked Paul Blackthorne as Harry and Valerie Cruz as police detective Karrin Murphy, but Bob was all wrong. Bob in the series was an old man who lives in a scull. In the book, Bob is a two hundred year old snarky spirit who lives in a skull and has a well working libido.

Harry has his moments of humor. Someone asked him to speak to the fairies. His response: Talking to fairies is like pulling teeth. Your teeth. Though you’re nose.

I started in the middle of the series with Proven Guilty. He has friends, family and enemies, who become involved in his investigation, sometimes helped, sometimes got in the way. Harry’s friends, I met in the first book I read, are not in the first book of the series. They are people he, will met in the future.

Storm Front is rich with past events, telling of a life before this book. Harry had a life before the series started. A life which helped create who he is when his literary life begins. I want to go back and read about that part of his life. I can’t, but I can go forward. So far, there are fourteen books.

I started Storm Front as soon as I finished Proven Guilty. Three seconds after I finished Storm Front, I started it all over again. I have thirteen more books to read. If I read each twice, I have twenty-six more books to read.

Did I say Jim Butcher is my new favorite author?