Troublemaker Characters

It the USA Network TV drama, Suits is about New York lawyers. One of the lawyers, Louis Litt, is a troublesome little man. He is loud, overbearing, and a bully, but mostly he is insecure.

Harvey Specter made senior partner before Louis. Harvey is brilliant, were as Luis is only really smart. Harvey is a man of integrate. Something Louis does not understand.

In episode 8 a mufti-millionaire has embezzled funds from none-profit client.

During a deposition to find a witness against the embezzler, Louis literally talks a man to death. Then brags about it.

While at the funeral, Harvey talks with the widow. She agrees to take her husband’s as a witness in the trial. Louis shows up with flowers in one hand and an apology in the other. The widow is insulted and refuses to help.

Louis’ next move is to find another witness. In so doing, he jeopardizes his boss’s reputation.

It’s Harvey who acquires the needed evidence to redeem the lost funds, but he needs Louis’ expertise to understand the information. Harvey makes amends. Louis brilliantly weeds though the files.

Harvey lets Louis present the evidence convicting the embezzler.

It looks like Louis has finally redeemed himself. He is in good graces with his boss. He and Harvey are finally on equal terms.

Oh, but Louis once again fowls things up. It’s in his nature.

Louis is untrustworthy therefore, he assumes everyone is untrustworthy. It’s OK for him to stab someone  in the back, but it’s not OK to stab him. He’s always right and has a good reason for every despicable deed. He gives no apologies, unless it benefits him.

So why keep such an unlikeable character around? Life would be so much easier without him. Why not throw him out the window, fire him, transfer him to another firm? Because …

Louis is a great plot mover. Every once in a while he does something brilliant, as in episode 8, to prove his worth to the firm, which also gives the writers a legitimate reason to keep him around. But his made purpose is to cause trouble for the heroes.

Harvey and his assistant have a secret. If found out, it could cast both their careers. Louis is suspicious. He’d love nothing better than to derail Harvey, his rival, his thorn in the flesh, and throw him under the bus.

Louis keeps Harvey on his toes. For as brilliant as Harvey is, Louis makes him shine.

Do you have or need a troublemaker to improve your plot line? What trouble does he/she cause? Why keep him/her around?