Character Motivation

I just rented the fourth of Jack Sparrow’s adventures from the library for $.50. I wanted to see it in three D at the theaters, but didn’t make it. I’m glad I was too busy.

Clearly the first installment was the best. In my opinion, Johnny Depp should have received an academy award for Jack Sparrow. Unfortunately, a crazed, Walt Disney, captain does not rate as high as a crazed, ballerina dancer.

I believe they could have put the second and third movies into one, if they had cut much of the chase scenes and Jack’s moments of mental wondering. It would have been nice if there’d been a some order or a plot in the fourth movie.

Doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy them, it just means they could have been so much better.

But Jack sparrow is the perfect person to talk about motivation.

Jack Sparrow’s only motivation is to be captain of the Black Perl and sail her over the horizon. He has no other motive, desire or hidden agenda. It’s the reason he sold his soul to Davy Jones. It’s why he came back from the dead to battle Davy Jones. It’s why he lead an expedition to Ponce de Leon’s fountain of youth, without taking a sip of water.

All Jack Sparrow wanted was the Black Perl. That one motivation was the reason for four major motion pictures and billions of dollars. If only the writers and directers had been as talented as Johnny Depp.