A Little About Me

I was just reminded about my college years. And I do mean years. I switched states one semester from graduating in Fine Arts. I moved from Lafayette, LA to Houston TX. After one year of residence, I returned to college for Graphic Design.

When you switch schools and states like that, you usually lose a lot of credit and practically have to start over. Miracle of miracles, I didn’t lose anything. I missed one world History class and had to go back and take all the graphic and photograph classes I missed, and a few other adicemics. No big deal.I like college and would still be there if I could afford it and didn’t have to take tests.

I hate borrowing money, so I worked my way through school, another reason why it took so long. But when I graduated, I didn’t own anybody anything.

Somewhere in all of that, I forgot about reading.

I was an avid reader in High School. I’d spend all Saturday reading. Mom would make me stop and kick me outside to play or mow the grass.

In those days I read science fiction and fantasy. but it’s in my nature to start at the beginning. I read some of the first books written, like Crime and Punishment, Tom Jones and Pamela.

I hated the school required reading list: Lord of the Flies, Babbitt, Animal Farm. It was enough to make anyone hate reading.

Sometimes, I think I was smarter as a teen than as an adult. I went back to reread some of those classics I couldn’t believe how difficult they were. Imagine where I’d be today if I’d continued to read those kind of books today. I’d be a whole lot more well read.But I settled into fantasy and science fiction.

Some time after college, I moved to Minnesota. (still there) While on vacation, by a huge lake, my three friends wanted to spend one afternoon, on a little boat, fishing. They were excited. it sounded boring to me. I opted out.

But what to do with my afternoon?

We went grocery shopping in this backwoods store. (I don’t mean to be insulting. It was in the woods, out in the middle of nowhere.) The store had a tiny collection of books. I picked up the very first volume of the Dragon Lance series.

And I rediscovered reading. It was like finding a long last friend.

It didn’t take long to go through the first nine books. There are now over fifty books written by the original authors and those adding to the series. I wish I had the time to read them all.

The Dragon Lance series is what inspired me to write. After spending my whole life in fine arts, I suddenly found a new path of creativity.

It’s been along road. More classes and lots of how to books. It’s fun sharing what I’ve learned in this blog, but I still have lots more to learn, from classes, how to books, novels and most importantly friends.

Don’t let anyone tell you writing it a lonely job. Yes, there is a lot of alone time, but the best authors have people impute.

Ah, but that’s for another blog.

See you on the page.