4 Hours at the Movies

I have and elderly male friend, who lives 25 miles south of me. I don’t get down there as often as I’d like. He likes to see science fiction or spy movies. Not much else. So there’s not a lot for me to take him to. I took him to see Mission Impossible.
Before I headed out, I checked the computer for times. It said 12:15 PM.
I planned to be at the restaurant for lunch at 11:00 and be at the theater, across the street, in plenty of time.

But I was running late and he takes a Looonnnggg time to get out of the assisted living home.
No time for lunch, so we stopped at Subway for a footlong tuna and split it.

Got to the theater at 11:40 plenty of time. We went in.
The ticket guy was too busy being cute instead of being responsible and tell us the movie had already started.

As we walked, I thought we’d see the last few minutes. Instead, we saw the last hour, then we sat and waited for the next feature  at 1:40. We watched until 3:30, just past where we came in. Then finally made it to the restaurant.

If he had told us the movie had already started, we could have left, had lunch then come back for the next show.
We were in the theater for almost 4 hours. Good thing the seats are comfortable.

My friend who loves to go to the movies, but rarely like what we see, loved Mission Impossible. I recommend it.