Today Editing

I have the perfect job. There are times when there is nothing to do. Sometimes we talk and joke around, but sometimes we’re quiet. Everyone but me has a smart phone. They all pull their phones out and play games, get on facebook or text. I edit.

I’m rewriting a science fiction novel. I’m trying to contain a 135,000 word novel into 80,000 words. I’ve already eliminated chapters and see where I can combine others.

I work a group of chapters at a time. Then I bring a printed version to work and edit them. Back at home, I make the changes on the computer.

Today was an editing day.

I’m just finishing up 18 chapters and I’m only a third of the way through. I have the fear I will not be able to contain all of this in one book.

At one point I broke it up into a trilogy, but I really don’t think I have enough story for three books, and I really, really want this to be all in one novel.