My First Award

I have been given my first social Network Award, Sunshine Award. I’m excited. Okay, I’m not dancing around the room, but still. It is my first award.

When I started this blog, I wasn’t sure I’d have enough to say to keep it going, but to my surprise, even after I think I have written all there is that I have to say, my brain kicks in and comes up with more ideas. I now have a pile of ideas waiting to be dealt with.

For a long time I wrote for myself and considered quitting a couple of times. A girlfriend encouraged me not to give up. Besides, I’m not a quitter. My brain wouldn’t leave me alone. I have to write so I can clear it out so I can think on other things.

In 2012 this blog has turned a page, readers are coming and numbers are increasing. I now have eight followers. I know that might not seem like much to some of you, but it’s eight more than I had last year. Thanks to everyone of you for making this an exciting blog year.

As I read the blogs who are following me, I’m learning to becoming a better blogger. I’ve been inspired to write posts. I’m inspired to learn how to add photos to my posts. But most importantly, I’m making blog friends, like Amber, who nominated me for the Sunshine Award.

I’ve also notice that people don’t only write about their blog subject, they also write about themselves. I’m taking notice, and am trying to be more personal.

Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for having interesting blogs for me to read.

Next post: Sunshine Award.