Sunshine Award

I have received the Sunshine Award.

The rules are as usual:

  • Thank the person (people :D) who gave you the award. Thanks to Amber at Conversations With Novels.
  • Write a post about it. …. I wrote a post: My first Award.
  • Answer some questions down there.
  • Pass it along to ten people and let them know they received the award. I’m passing the award to my very first followers as a thank you for reading me. a few already have the award so I won’t be redundant, but know that I am thankful for reading.


Favorite colour (It’s COLOR :P): Rust Orange or Violet
Favorite animal:  Kitten or Cat Mermaid Dragon
Favorite number:  15 It’s the day of my birth, July 15
Favorite non-alcoholic drink:  I’m not a big soda drinker, but Black Cherry in a glass bottle
Facebook or Twitter? I do have a FB page though I’m not on it much. I spend more time on my blog, writing, reading and making comments on other blogs.
My passion:  Writing. Paining. Science fiction and Fantasy
Getting or giving presents? Giving, though receiving is nice too.
Favorite pattern:  I’m not sure, I never thought about it. Free form, abstract?
Favorite day of the week: I like my job, but any day I don’t have to go to work and the day is mine to do as I wish, like write or paint, be with friends.
Favorite flower: Azalea. If I had a yard, I’d have Azaleas.

Here are my nominations:

Justin P Lambert – Writer Justin is a poet with three published books on his poetry. He is also working on a science fiction novel.

Infinite Tales Paul Morningstar critics the novels he reads.

Speechless Chatter MYGURLYWAYZ posts chapters of the novel she is working on and blogs about her life.

Screenwriting Unveiled This blog posts of the trials and tribulations of Screenwriting.

Johanna Jones Johanna Jones is an accomplished artiest. This page is a gallery of her paintings.

 My Bamboo Cannon Shoots Diamonds! All photos on this blog are of the original Star Trek. The author then makes philosophical comments. This is a humorous blog.

Circle Yoga Theresa Jones is an instructor, publishes articles and blogs about yoga.