Usually, I’m a good muti taster. I can write, cook and do laundry all at the same time. But this time I bit off more than I could chew.

I was editing my science fiction novel, working on a painting and blogging; and nothing was getting done.

I’m rewriting my SC novel for the untinth time. I hope this is the one that will get published. A friend introduced me to one of his friends who is a scientist. He is reading my novel for plausibility. He has already read the first seven chapters, I’d finished editing the next ten chapters. I gave it one last read, and found lots of changes, not spelling, but story stuff. So I called him and canceled our next meeting for the second time.

A friend from work made me a cute little table, I love it. I wanted to pay him fin kind. But one should not give money for a gift, so I thought to make him a painting. Only, I haven’t painted in awhile, so it took time to decide what I wanted to do, then after I was almost finished, I painted over it. Then I hesitated in the final touches for fear I’d mess up.

Then there was this blog, ideas were piling up, but not getting finished.

Finally, I stopped and regrouped.

I didn’t want to cancel my friend a third time, so I first finished editing. I refuse to reread it again for fear of more changes. I’ll reread after he gives it back to me.

Then I finished the painting. It’s at the end of this post.

I finished accepting and passing on the Sunshine award. Yea!

It feels good to be all caught up.

Before I get back to my book, I’m going to finish all my post drafts. Some people won’t start a blog until they have three months worth of post already written. I can see why, when life gets messy there is something to post. I won’t have three months worth, but I should have several weeks. Hopefully, I’ll stay ahead, at least for awhile.

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