Road to Success

A well-known scientific saying is: The road to success is littered with failure. Scientists are not known for giving up. Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before he invented the light bulb. But he learned something from each try. He improved on the last effort. Now every house and business in the industrial world is lighted by Thomas Edison’s bulb.

Today scientists are trying to prove Sting theory. They spent billions of dollars building a particle accelerator that will shoot molecules at tremendous speeds at each other.  They built it, molecules collided, nothing happened. Instead of being depressed, they got excited. Nothing happened! They now want to build a bigger and faster collider. Go figure.

J.K. Rowling submitted her first Harry Potter novel twelve times before it was accepted.

A Time to Kill, by John Grisham, was rejected twenty-eight times.

How many authors have finished a novel and never send it out for fear of rejection? I’m sure there are just as many who were irate that their, the next greatest novel, had been rejected, when it deserved to be rejected.

Nevertheless!!!!!! If you never let anyone, ever read your work for fear of rejection, you will never be published. (I don’t think bloggers have this problem.) If you can’t trust friends or family, some people can’t, then take a class. Take a class even if you do trust all family and friends. There is much to learn.

And when the teacher and fellow students say no, don’t curl up in a ball and quit. Take it as a challenge.

I once had a friend who was so bad in a collage English writing class, his teach suggested he take a beginning writing class. He was dejected. Can’t say I blame him. But instead of encouraging his failure, I asked him if he was going to give up and quit, or take it as a challenge, improve his writing skills.

He thought for a moment and said, “I’m going to take it as a challenge and prove her wrong.”

He set out to learn how to do write correctly. Before the semester was over, the teacher read one of his essays to the class and said, “This is how a paper is written.”

Learn from the criticism given. Don’t be afraid of it.

I was in a class where a fellow student got all bent out of shape because I wrote in the passive voice. I didn’t know I was writing in the passive voice. His method of expression might have intimidated some, but not me. I took what he had to say and learned from it.  I don’t write in the passive voice any more.

Never take rejection as a sign to give up. Take it as a challenge and improve.

There might not be anything wrong. Just because one person doesn’t like your story, the next person might. My sister-in-law doesn’t like my fantasy, but she still loves me.

J.K Rowling is the first billionaire author.

John Grisham wrote twenty-seven novels. At least seven were turned into major motion pictures.


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