I had another week of lots of work and being tired at the end of the week. Came Friday evening, all I wanted to do was go home and rest. But first, I really wanted to paint.

I’ve got a lot of paint on the canvas, but nothing to show yet. Seems I’m a lot better at starting than I am at finishing. Hope to have something to post soon.

Saturday mornings are usually set aside to write, by middle afternoon, I’m ready to move on and play with friends. But this morning was a little different.

I’ve written about my science friend, John, who is my science adviser for my sf novel. This morning I supported his project.

John is a purser on a museum steamboat the Minnehaha. It was one of several lake taxi boats on Lake Minnetonka, MN that was retired as cars and roads were modernism. The boats were stripped down and sunk in the lake. The Minnehaha was rescued, sat for years, fixed up and is now a lake tour boat.

The dates are:

  • Built in 1906
  • Sunk in 1926
  • Raised in 1980
  • Restoration Begins in 1990
  • First Public Cruise in 1996

Today was orientation for new members who wish to help crew the boat this summer. John asked if I wanted to be a purser. As fun as it would be, I really don’t have the time.

I went to the orientation. We had a mix up on time so I was a half an hour early, which turned out to be a good thing. He gave me a tour, a history lesson on the boat and on the restoration. It was fun.

Since he is the schedule keeper, it’s important for him to meet the new people and plan workdays. I left as the new people began to arrive so he could give his full attention to them and not have to worry about entertaining me.

I’m looking forward to this summer when I can take a boat ride.

In the process, I obtained a possible fan. John’s friend George is interested in reading my book when it’s finished.

It was a good morning. For the rest of this afternoon, I’m going to catch up on some blog ideas and try to stay ahead of my writing instead of always trying to keep up.

I do that on occasion … get ahead, only to play catch up a few weeks later. Such is life.

Tomorrow, I go back to my novel.