Perfect Example

This post is a continuation of my last post, Strong Women Fictional Characters.

This post is about a woman who is soft and strong, intelligent and a conundrum. Abby Sciuto is a Forensic Specialist for NCIS TV Series, and the perfect example of a strong female fictional character.

Abbe can be as gentle as a kitten and just as vulnerable. Her boss, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, will wrap his arms around her and kiss her on the top of her head, like a father comforting his five-year-old daughter.

When the team realized an assassin was alone with Abby in her lab, they ran downstairs, not to rescue her from the assassin, but him from her.

In the last scene, she’d been capture, but by the time the team arrived, Abby had taken him out.

Abby has a lab full of specialized equipment that can unravel any chemical or computer mystery. She’s named her equipment and talks to them as if they can hear her.

Though Abby prefers to work alone, she’d capable of sharing. On occasion, she and teammate, Timothy McGee, will work together to solve a problem and, then share in the glory of find.

Abby is fiercely loyal.

When teammate, Anthony DiNozzo, was accused of murder, Abby refused to believe and set her lab to proving his innocence.

Abby’s self-assured.

She is goth, with black clothes, finger nails and died hair. One of her eleven tattoos is a spider web on the back of her neck. She’s on a bowling league with Catholic nuns.

While looking for a specialized computer that was not in her lab, Abby meets a man she takes an instant liking to. After she has acquired the needed information, she accepts date with him.

Throughout the scene, he’s been standing behind the machine. Now he climbs down from a stepladder and walks to the front the machine to reveal he’s a midget. The audience is shocked, not Abby. He’s half her size; she never notices.

The writers planned a romantic relationship between the two that would have lasted for a few episodes. But because of real life tragedy, the writers were forced to drop the idea.

Abby would have been enjoyed her time with him and would never have understood why someone would be surprised over the relationship.

Abby is the perfect strong woman character. She has her moments of strengths, venerability and quirkiness. There are moments when she is insecure and doubts herself. There’s moments when all evidence says she’s wrong, but she stands strong in her conviction and refuses to give up until the evidence proves her right.

Abby is the perfect Strong Woman. But if all fictional women were modeled after Abby, she wouldn’t stand out.

There are varying degrees of fictional women, some writers get it just right, some stereo type, but depending on what the writer is trying to convey, it will depend on the kind of woman the author creates.

An idea for another post.