My Kitties

I thought when I started painting again, I’d do a painting a week, but no. I thought maybe a painting a month, that’s not working either. Of course, having a cold for the past two weeks didn’t help. All I wanted to do when I got home was sleep.

Therefore, I have nothing new to show you. So I thought I’d show you a few older paintings. I don’t have a lot of my paintings, but I did keep two from my kitty period.

Black Cat

Kitty Love

I just watched 60 Minutes on contemporary art. There’s an art fair in Miami, Florida, where art goes for hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. Some of it I could understand. Some of it — you’ve got to be kidding.

My painting  goals are a bit smaller.

I live in Minnesota. Here many people have a home and a cabin, which means they have two kitchens to clean, two living rooms to dust and vacuum, and two yards to mow. Too much work for me.

They go up north to the lake. There are 10,000 lakes in Minnesota, but they are going to The lake.

I’m originally from Louisiana and Texas. North is above the Mason-Dexon Line. Here north is anything a few miles north of where one is standing.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m making fun. I just want to show cultural difference, and better explain my goal.

So here, most weekends, people go up north to the lake.

On one particular road, on the way north, is a little shop that sells stuff to people to decorate their cabins. Like scenery painting of Minnesota. Word is, the owner is looking for quality stuff to sell. I’m hoping my paintings are what she is looking for. So after I have five or six paintings, I’ll call her, make an appointment, and drive an hour to her place to see if she’s interested in my work.

I don’t thing I’ll make millions, or thousands, but a few hundred, on a regular basis would be nice.

We’ll see.