Safari Outing

I’ve moved into the 21 Century, photography wise. I just bought my first digital camera. I got a Fujifilm S2900. I really like Cannon best, but I didn’t need to spend that kind of money since I’m not a professional. What I have is just fine.

My friend, Arkat, and I went to watch another friend, John, and his friends, launch a museum boat for its summer run.

Digital cameras are great at taking as many photos as one wants without wasting film. But not to worry, I’m only going to show you a few of the boat launch. The group took the boat out of storage and with a military vehicle. They drove the boat a few hundred feet along a bike/walk path to the nearest boat launch. Some forty people came to watch, take pictures and walk along with the boat.

It was a bit cold and cloudy, no rain. But this is Minnesota, it’s either too cold, too hot, or cloudy and rainy. One either stays inside year round or toughen up. Nice days are a treasure and everyone goes outside to enjoy the weather. On this day, the fair weather people stayed home while the rest of us had fun.

Coming out of winter storage.

The drive down the trail.

Preparing to launch.

There is a thirty foot pole connecting the truck and boat.
It was added just as the boat was ready to go into the water. The pole helps keep the truck out of the water.

Docking the boat.

Here are Mom & Dad taking the family out for a swim.