E-Books Vs P-Books Continued

Just resonantly, as in two blogs ago, I wrote a post about how paper books are here to stay despite the advance of electronic books. I don’t believe e-books are going away, nor do I want them to; they are here to stay. But I also believe p-books are here to say.

I received a few comments on the value of e-books. They save space when one is traveling and want to bring several books along. They also save trees. If I could invent another way to print books without using paper, I would. I love trees.

Paper books have smell and feel. Something e-books will never have.

I don’t want e-books to go away. I agree, they have their place. I’m just saying they are not going to completely take over printed books.

But the real reason I write this post is because of Picture-Bandit. He posted a link to TED in a comment on my post, Electronic vs Printed Novels.

This TED talk is by Chip Kidd, a book designer. I planned to clean my kitchen while I listened, but soon after the video started. My dishes waited as I sat, listen and watch.

When I wrote the first post, I hadn’t considered book covers. Now I do.

For the most part, we are visual people. When something pretty or interesting catches our eye, we want to check it out. That’s what book covers are for. They are a visual design to peek our interest so we will pick up the book, read the back, and the inside jacket, if there is one. Then we might read the first few pages before we decided to keep it or put it back.

I don’t have an e-book, so I don’t know if you get the same experience with a reader.

Chip does a much better job explaining the importance of book covers. He’s been designing them for twenty-five years. I’d love to have Chip Kidd design my book covers. I’d also like to learn public speaking from him.

Here is the link.

Picture-Bandit is a photographer and artist. His work is great. Take a look.