Fog & the Light Station

I had an terrible time with this blog. I’m having trouble getting the words to match with the photos. Before I could get it straight, I hit Publish instead of Preview Changes. I got tired and will try again later.

I had a great time in California, but it was the fog that fascinated me the most. I’d never been in California fag before.

Sunset Over Monterrey Fog

Fog off the Coast

The fog ran along the ocean current.

The water was colder than the air, thus the fog.

There is a 350 hill under the fog.

The next day we went to Point Sur Light Station. The fog covered the top of the hill we were about to climb. Wends were twenty MPH or more.

Our guide, John, is in the yellow jacket

It was a three hour tour. But I don’t think most people could walk it straight up. The guide walked us for a bit then stopped for a history lesson.

Big Sur Light Station

By the time we reached the top the fog had gone, but the winds stayed.

The fog came back.

The fog returned thicker than before.

The fog cleared. It was clear for the rest of the day.

Then it cleared up again and stayed clear for the rest of the day.

I don’t want to sound like the fog was the only interesting thing that day. The walk hill was informative and fun and view was beautiful.


Otter Swimming

Side of Hill

Sea Lions on rocks

Another Overview

Inside the light station. Stairs to the light.

The Light