While browsing, I came across Jennifer M Eaton in “It’s that time of the month to set up your writing goals.” I have goals, but I realize I’ve never shared them with this blog. Jennifer’s post has inspired me to share them now. Stating goals for myself is good, but sharing them with others makes them more real and makes me accountable. If I don’t accomplish them, I have to tell you why.

I also give you permission to keep me on track.

But first explanation to what I’m doing: I have three main points of view in my science fiction novel. As I go through a section of the last draft, I take one person out at a time and place their chapter in a folder under their name. I read through the chapters of that person. After I’ve read and edited all chapters from all three characters from a particular section of the novel, I shuffle them into their proper chapter place in the new draft. Finally, I read the newly assembled chapters before I continue on to the next section.

Smaller goals:

I took 10 hard copy chapters of Adumie. He lives on an Earth colony twenty-light-years away in the Pegasus Galaxy. I planned to read through the chapters while traveling. I deleted one chapter, and edited the others. The last chapter will take more thought so I’m saving it for a time when I can give it my full attention.

I met the goal of editing on while traveling. When I returned home, I make the changes in my computer.

I reread that section again. He is a high priest who has been disappointed by the death of his people and  unanswered prayers. I want to make him more angry and seemingly unreasonable, so people won’t like him. Later in the novel, I will explain in depth the sorrows of his heart and then make him a more sympathetic character.

The post I wrote on Strong Male Characters inspired me on how to make Adumie a better character.

I plan to be finished with Adumie by next weekend and start on another person. Can’t tell you how fast I’ll do a section, but I can keep moving so I’ll meet my summer goal.

Larger goal:

To finish this rewrite by the end of summer or at least by the end of September.

The last rewrite was 135,000 word. My second goal it to eliminate the unnecessary and contain this novel within 80,000 words. I’ve already deleted at least eleven chapters and have been planing on how to combine other chapters.

So far I have 33 chapters and 56,000 words. I will keep you updated.

Publishing Goal:

The new trend is to self-publish, but as I read up on it, I know not to even try. It’s not in my nature. It’s too many details. I hate details. If I could just write the plot and publish, I would.

I have a small publisher in mind. They only publish books about Minnesota, all mysteries and science fiction are set in Minnesota. My main character was from Canada. I asked the owner if I changed my character to a Minnesotan who travels to an alien world would she be interested in reading my manuscript. She said yes. She’s already read some of my other works and like them. So I’m hopeful.

A well established publisher already has experience, a reputation and connections, such as placed to speak publicly and get interviews. I personally do not need to reinvent the wheel. I know there are people who love the challenge of self-publishing; I’m not one of them.