Weekly Goals

Met this week’s goal. I read 96 pages one of the main character’s point of view, Lieutenant Jessica Hewitt. I finished editing that section Friday night, 7-13-12. Today I combined two chapters that were about the same moment. After eliminating the dead weight, I have 65 pages. Hopefully, 65 better pages.

Jessica is the liaison to an Earth galactic colony. In this section, to gain the trust of the people, she’s forced on a religious walkabout with two of the ingenious people. They are in the process of crossing a frozen ocean when danger strikes. She hates having to be on this fruitless quest to nowhere. But after the near death experience, she’s beginning to soften.

Next goal is to read Carol Schmitt’s point of view. It’s only 30 pages long.

I even managed to exercise and clean my kitchen. I cook from scratch so the kitchen always needs cleaning.

I would have gotten more done, up I went to a birthday party for Leah. She’s two.

Leah & Mom