Using Internet Photos

While reading reading Jennifer M. Eaton‘s blog I came across this blog by Roni Loren and her post Bloggers Beware: You CAN Get Sued For Using Pics on Your Blog – My Story. She got sued for what she used on her blog.

I found the eye of the dragon I use on line. I tried to find it’s owner, but couldn’t. I found other people who are also using it. I’d be more than happy to give credit and pay for the use of Flaming Dragon Eye, if I knew who designed it.

It would be nice if I knew someone who could design something original for me. I’ll have to think on it. I may soon be changing my Gravatar.

Lesly from Inspiration Import just comment this. I didn’t want anyone to miss it, if you are in need of the information.

“I read this post yesterday. The key point is just don’t think that any image found on Google Images is yours to use at will. I use now and have found great work there for every need so far. The photographers who post their work there use Creative Commons ( so ask for credit and non-commercial use.
I really find the whole thing messy as I see you do too. In the article or comments someone mentions that if you Drag and Drop the Image into Google Images and search then wherever that image is will be shown. Perhaps you can find the original owner that way.