Update (7-24-12)

I had my goals for my novel in my head, then I posted them in Goals in June. Sometime in July, I realized it was July and I was puttsing. If I was to meet my goal, of finishing my novel by the end of summer, I had to buckle down.

I am now two thirds finished. On this rewrite, I wanted to stay under 80,000 words. Didn’t meet that goal. At two thirds finished, I’m already over 80,000 words. This after I’d eliminated dead wood (or words). This is why I have trouble writing short stories.

There are three main character points of view: Lieutenant Jessica (Jess) Hewitt, Carol Schmitt, and Adumie. I take their chapters out of the last rewrite and put them in their own file. I reread and edit each individually. Then I shuffle chapters together and reread two more times. I have just finished gathering together the next 14 chapters.

I meet with John today. He is a retired engineer who is reading this final draft and making sure everything is smooth and make since. He will give me back the last 98 pages. We’ll discuss those chapters over a late lunch. Once I’m finished with the section I’m working on now, I’ll email it to him. When He is finished reading, he calls and we set up a time for lunch.

So glad I posted my plans, because I might not have paid attention and I wouldn’t have met my summer goals. Posting my updates keeps me accountable. So thanks for reading.

How are your goals coming alone, in whatever you are doing?