Children as Strong Fictional Character

It would be nice if all children were compliant. You tell them what to do and they obey without asking why or arguing about it. But if all children were compliant, it would be a dull world indeed. Overly compliant children also make for dull characters. Disobedient and adventurers children make for strong characters who happen to be children.

Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson‘s Peter Pan series is about how a redheaded orphan named Perter becomes Peter Pan. During the series, he becomes good friends with a young girl named Molly Aster, who is the future Mrs. Darline, Windy’s mom.

As a child, Molly, for the most part, is an obedient child. When her father, Leonard Aster, says to stay, she obeys. It could mean her life. He wants her to be safe while he is out dealing with deadly, evil men.

When she promises to obey, she means it. She does not have her fingers crossed behind her back or secretly plan her next move. She honestly intends to obey her father.

But soon after Leonard leaves, Molly learns a bit of important information that he needs to know. It could mean his life. Molly’s love for her father overrides her promise to obey him. She sets out to find and warn him, and her adventure blooms.

Molly always talks Peter Pan into helping her, which is easy since he is always up for an escapade. Soon Molly and Peter are in life threatening danger. On occasion, she puts her father’s life in danger. If she’d have just stayed home all might would have been safe, but there would have been no adventure.

Strong fictional children with courageous spirits get into all kinds of trouble, danger and unexpected journeys. They lurk in the shadows and over hear evil plots, as in Harry Potter. They risk their lives saving the ones they love, usually their parents, as in  Inkheart. They are clever children who always mange to out smart a malicious adult. They will trek across Africa, the wild American west, or the universe to find their father and or mother.

It is these children who make for great story telling. Know any larger than life children whose story needs telling?