Update 8-14

Sorry I haven’t been writing much on this blog. I’ve had a few extra hours of work, but mostly, my brain shut down. Nothing inspired me to write.

I did finish the last 100 pages of my novel and emailed it to John, my reading friend. I now have to make changes from the previous 100 pages he just gave back to me.

Then my brain kicked back on. I have three blogs ideas in the works. The writing inspired changes in my novel. I’m reworking the first two chapters. I’ll tell you about that as I post the new ideas. Of course I have to sit down and write them out.

It continually amazes me how the brain works. For days, there can be nothing. I don’t completely stop working. I keep editing my novel, then my bairn floods with ideas that come out faster than I can write.

Life is like that. I can have several quiet weekends in a row, then five people will call with really fun things to do all on the same weekend.

Some with work. We can sit for a couple of hours with little to nothing happening, then everyone in town calls all at the same time. It’s all we can do to keep up.

So I guess my brain is in line with the rest of life. I’m sure I’m not alone, your brain does the same. Brains like to go on vacation then come back with brilliant ideas. So here’s to the brilliant ideas yet to come.