Liebster Award

Rhys C. Ethan of Fay + Rayon the Left  has nominated me for the Liebster Award. Rhys is from Greece now going to University of East London to study Theater and English Literature.

The Liesbster Award is given to small blogger who have less than 200 followers. Not all have their followers listed. So I’m guessing. I’m to answer eleven questions that Rhys has asked then I’m to ask eleven questions of the people I nominate. So here goes:

The 11 questions Rhys asked and my answers:

1. What is your blog about in one word?


2. What was a crazy dream you had when you were a child?

To travel the world.

3. Dogs or cats?

Cats, Don’t have to walk them first then in the morning. Don’t have to hurry home to walk them. Cat take care of themselves.

4. Savory or sweet?


5. If you could make a living out of anything, what would that be and why?

I would live off my creative talents, such as writing and painting.  Being creative keeps me sane. It often surprises me what I can do. Not that I’m a genius. Wish I was.

6. What are three things ‘du liebst’ (you love)?

I love this blog: posting, reading other blogs and meeting new people on line.

I love to explore, Either by taking a drive in the country down an interesting road, hiking or biking a new trail, or canoeing a river or lake I’d not paddled before.

7. If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be and why?

Me. I like me. Don’t need to be anyone else.  (No, I don’t stare n the mirror all day.)

8. Earth, fire, air or water?

Water, waves, canoeing, swimming.

9. If planetary inhabitation was possible now, would you move to another planet and which one and why?

Mars. Why not. Be part of history, and fulfill Ray Bradbury’s dream of someone reading the Martian Chronicles, on Mars.  (O.K. he wanted a child to read it, but I haven’t grown up yet.)

10. Do you think the world will end on December 2012?

No. Only God knows when the world will end.

11. What do you think of to make you happy, when you’re sad?

Forget the world and watch TV, or read a good book. Escape to fantasyland; who needs reality.

Eleven bloggers I nominated:

1. Preston W Fuller

2. PictureBandit click on “continue reading” and you will get the English version.

3. The Archatype

4. StrassenFotoJournal

5. Paige Nolley Write

6. Lost in Translation

7. Bunny and Porkbelly

8. ZMwritings

Didn’t get to eleven. Some of those who I planned to nominate  already had the Liebster Award or who had over 200 followers. I’ve been at this for over an hour and I need to move on. Hope the above eight are enough.

Eleven questions I asked them:

1. What is you favorite breakfast?

2. Who is you favorite author?

3. If you could go any where in the world, where would you go?

4. Who would you go with?

5. How would you get there?

6. Where are you willing to walk barefoot?

7. What is your most memorable birthday? Why?

8. Sunset or sunrise? Why?

9. Would you jump out of a plane? Why or why not?

10. Ice cream, cake or pie?

11. Would you rather play an instrument, dance, go to a concert, or listen to music in the quiet of you home?