Interesting Awards

Of the three awards I’ve received so far, the Liebster Award was been the most interesting. I looked Liebster up to see what it means.

According to A Word or More, it means dearest. That’s nice. But all T.K. Dickinson had to do was nominate five more blogs. No questions to answer or write.

The nominee I got from Rhys C. Ethan wanted me to answer 11 questions, nominate 11 blogs, and write 11 questions for the next bloggers.

One person I nominated wasn’t interested and felt force to acknowledge others. I wasn’t offended.

I see these awards as games that some chose to play and some chose not to. It’s called free will.

My numbers always double when I’m nominated. So I grateful for the mention. And some people chose to follow me. This time I went from 39 followers to a whopping big 41 followers. Hey don’t knock it. That’s two more that I had last week.

Paige Nolley had a completely different reaction to the one not interested. She got two Liebster Awards in two days. The other award only wanted her to answer three questions, nominate five blogs, and write five questions for her nominees.

Paige all answered all 14 questions. Now that’s ambitious.

I think it’s interesting how the Liebster Award has changed with the passing from one blog to another. It would be fun to trace backwards to the origin and see how it evolved. Unfortunately, that would take days and days. I think I’ll spend that time on my book and writing other posts. But it would be an interesting project.