Pacing My Novel

Recently, I posted Pacing a Novel and Pacing a Chapter. In Pacing a Chapter, I wrote on how too much information given all at once can slow a chapter down and takes out some helpful mystery.

As I wrote, I thought of my novel. I had done the some thing in the first two chapters. The first chapter is a short history of the space program of my novel. The second chapter was the history of my main character.

The actual story didn’t start until the third chapter. I realized that was a bit late. I seriously considered deleting the first two chapter. I didn’t.

Instead, I rewrote the first chapter. Hopefully, it is more interesting. I could make it a prologue so people who want to read it can.

I did delete the second chapter from out of the story, but saved it in its own file. It’s information that’s important to knowing the character, but the reader doe not have to know everything all at once. I plan to filter it back in throughout the story.