I’m making a change right here on this post. I originally posted this as the first chapter.

I’ve been debating if I should have this as first chapter or as a prologue. Paul Morningstar has convinced me that if I should decide to keep this, I should use it as the prologue. Paul gave me an honest opinion and I appreciate it.


Here is the prologue for Akiane’s Children. I’d like you’re opinion. I do not bruise easily. If you don’t like it, I’d like to know why not so I can improve it.

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Chapter 1

It the year 2132, it was the international headline of the century. It was to be Earth’s crowning achievement.

World Space Coalition would send three ships, The Falcon, The Hawk, and The Eagle, twenty-light-years away to the Pegasus Galaxy to colonize MK2343, renamed Akiane, Russian for ocean because MK2343 was a planet of mostly water. Akiane was almost the same size as Earth with similar gravity.

The headlines read, “Earth’s First Galactic Colony.”

Instead of each country working on their own space projects, repeating what had already been done and reinventing the wheel, World Space Coalition (WSC) was created where nations pooled their resources and accomplished the impossible.

WSC explored and colonized the Moon, Mars and Titan. The International Space Station (INSS) was the size of a small city, with just over 5,000 people, who lived and worked on the station.

With the discovery of folded space, the next worldwide venture was a galactic colony in the Pegasus Galaxy. The entire world was behind the project.

The Eagle, the first to launch, was robotic. It bought the energy source the colony would need when they arrived. The Eagle was to orbit Akiane and send back photos. It would not land until the colonies arrived and picked a suitable place to live and build their new home.

Then everything fell apart.

Earth had conquered war, but not extreme religious traditions or national pride.

The nine women on The Hawk were married. For some reason, the Islamic extremes thought all women in the Akiane Project were married. The extremists were appalled when they learned not all women were married.

The window of opportunity was closing. There wasn’t time to argue. WSC thought to resolved issues afterward.

The Falcon and The Hawk were launched. The Falcon carried 1,500 colonists. The Hawk brought produce seeds and DNA to breed livestock.

Extremists objected all the more loudly. Their concerns were being ignored. They pull their money out. Not all of the Islamic nations agreed, but the most influential decided for the rest.

China declared they were contributing the most money, but not the most people. Chinese people were in every level from design, to construction, to launch, and crew, but not one Chinese was a first officer or a captain. They pulled out.

With countries like Pakistan and China out, India saw no reason to stay. The project could have continued with out them, but South American countries also began to leave. They felt slighted by not having received as much attention as China, India and Islam nations.

WSC no loner had the funs to continue. Still they hoped to pull the project together once the colonies landed and sent images back of their accomplishments.

The Eagle sent back photographs technical information about the planet and. The land looked good for farming. It sent probes to the ocean. The probes learned there was marine life.

Then the signals stopped. It looked like computer error. The colonies never sent word of their arrival. All communications ceased.

Eleven years later, at the next window of opportunity, WSC did not have the money to hire a crew to operate the next three ships. They weren’t even sure if the first ships had landed safely. At the same time, WSC didn’t want to abandon the survivors. The next three ships were programmed as robotic ships and launched.

The ships were filled with supplies of food and technical equipment. The computers were programmed to return to Earth with any colonizes who wanted to return. The ships were never heard from again.

It was thought all had died. The Akiane Project became a tragic lose and a tragic reminder as to why Earth should not have a colony outside her solar system. No one wanted to send another thousand people to their deaths.

For now it was enough to maintain a space station and three colonies on the Moon, Mars and Titan.


In the year 2428, a young technician, Dave Krieg was testing the newest communication update. He set a message to the moon. Arrival time: 30 sec.

He sent a massage to Mars. Arrival time: 1 min. 15 sec.

He sent a message to Titan. Arrival time: 3 min.

The report filed stated: Success. New communications on line.

As was tradition he sent a test message to Akiane. All technicians sent a message when communications were updated. It was their way of not forgetting the colonists.

Nothing happened. Nothing ever did, but Dave had kept to tradition.

Twelve years later, a new technician, DeeAnn Lee received an off-world message: We are here where are you?

She checked three times before she made the call to her superiors.

The world became ecstatic with joy.

It became the international headline of the century: THE COLONISTS OF AKIANE LIVE.