Weekly Photo Challenge: Every Day Life

For my Every Day Life, I chose breakfast with my cousin John.

When I went to visit him in Lafayette, Louisiana, he took me to  Saturday breakfast in Breaux Bridge. About a half hour drive. It’s a small place, but very popular. We had to go early to miss the line.

It’s not a place where you can get a private table. You sit where there is an empty seat. The table fills up with strangers who become your instant best friends for that meal.

Then the three man band begins to play Cajun Music. Soon people are dancing.

This photos are per-digital camera.

Since Breaux Bridge is the crayfish capital of the world, I had eggs over easy on top of crayfish with grits on the side.

Cousin John is on the far left in a black shirt holding a napkin in his hands.

I’m on the dance floor in pink. The man with the bright green shirt is not my cousin.

When I asked John if he’d dance with me, I got a defendant, “No!”

So I asked one of the ladies at the table if I could borrow her husband. She said yes and he was delighted, so was I.