Reading Blogs

One of my favorite things about blogs is not just expressing myself and having people interested in what I have to say. It’s reading what other people are saying and doing.

I’ve seen beautiful photos of Hawaiian beaches, Canadian mountains and theme park family vacations. I’ve seen life on Switzerland streets, dancers in Argentina, and Clipper Ships in the Boston Harbor.

I’ve read great poetry, short stories, parts of novels, encouragement on life, and inspiring wisdom on writing.

People go on adventures around the world or down the street at a public park.

Judy has one such post. She and her son participated in the 8th Annual Fairy House Tour in Portsmouth, NH, where people created fairy houses and displayed them in a park for the pubic to enjoy. What fun!

Who knew Portsmouth did something like that.

My only regret: I’m not close enough to attend. But there are photos on the Fairy House Tour site of all the contestants and their fairy houses. Judy also has photos of her time at the tour.

I’m not linking to Fairy House Tour site here because I don’t want to intrude on her post, but you can go to Judy’s blog and take part in the fun.

I write about the tour because I think it’s such a creative idea and a great place not just for children, but for adults a well. But you will only see little children dress as fairies.

The child in me that has yet to grow up would love to dress up as a fairy. Unfortunately, the adult side would never do such a thing. Some people are no fun. :0(