Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Fog coming off the ocean is Foreign to me. The ocean current is warmer then the air above and a thick ground cloud of vapor is formed. Off the California coast, it can be too thick to see across the street.

My first site of this fog was at sunset as my airplane flew into Monterrey, California, off the Pacific Coast.

Monterrey is a large city with lots of street, building and home lights. Yet you can not see any lights here.

We landed in this. After the first try, the pilot thought we might have to land someplace else. My brother said it was common. The airport makes the announcement, and those there to pick someone up, drives to the other airport, an hour away. Luckily, we were able to land at the second try, but it was the scariest landed I’ve been on in my life.

This is the next day after I landed. The fog is still there over the ocean current and headed our way.

This is the fog taking over the world around us.

The world is now gone. We are all that is left.

The fog has moved on, but there is more out there. Waiting.