One Lovely Blog Award

I’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award, first by Rhys Ethan then by Dana Zalesky. Thank you.

Rhys Ethan writes excellent movie, TV and book reviews.

Dana Zalesky posts his beautiful fantasy art work in different stages of completion.

By their rules, I’m only to nominate more blogs. But that seems too easy. I know that’s what was sent to them, but I’m changing the rules. And after the Liebster Award I received, I know I can do this. If you read my post on the Liebster Award you’ll see how the rules for that award has changed. So I’m changing the rules here.

But as is my way, I’m going to be different. Instead of answering questions, I suggest you give a bit of worldly advice you’ve acquired through a life experience. Nothing serious. This is for fun.

Mom used to live in Pueblo, Colorado. When I visited, we’d go for long drives through the mountains. I like to go off the beaten path and explore. I’d get off the main highway and drive the back mountain roads. Sometimes the roads were paved, sometime not.

Once I got lost and couldn’t find the way out to the main road. I found a small neighborhood of five homes, far back into the mountains, away from all civilization.

I knocked on one of the doors and asked the woman who answered if she could give me directions on how to find the highway.

She didn’t drive and she couldn’t me directions. Her husband was in town. She was alone with the grandchildren.

I’m not sure why I didn’t knock on any more doors, but I didn’t.

I realized I’d been driving up the mountains roads, and evidently, farther into the mountains. So I decided to drive downhill.

In driving downhill, I found the road that took me out to the highway and back home.

So my worldly wisdom is, if you are lost in the mountains and can’t find your way out, try driving downhill.

Here are my five nominees:

1. Julie Proudfoot of Passages of Writing takes passages from books she reading and explains why she likes them.

2. Poetry Blog of Mine writes poems about love and love lost.

3. Vastly Curious is a photographer.

4. Patrick Latter takes photographs while hiking the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

5. Crime Thriller Girl keeps us updated on the latest best crime thriller novels.

I don’t think all of these are into awards. I posted them anyway, just in case you might like them.

Have fun.