Update With a Slight Disappointment

My goal was to finish my novel by end of summer. I finished very close to the middle of September.

First Goal accomplished.

My second goal was to give my manuscript to the publisher this fall. Don’t think I’m going to make that goal. A bit disappointed.

John, my friend who is reading the final draft, has liked the book. He stayed up to 12:30 AM finishing the last 100 pages. But …!

Even though he liked the ending, he said it read as if I were tired and just wanted to finish. Exactly right!

I wanted done! Finished! Over with already!

And he said there were a lot more spelling errors than usual. Right again. I was so tired of reading and rereading, I just couldn’t do it one more time.

He confirmed what I’d been thinking. I should take a deep breath. Make the corrections he’s suggesting, Then put the book up for a month or so, come back and rework the ending.

Disappointing, but necessary.

I’ve enjoyed not having a novel hanging over my head. I’ve been painting. I spend last Saturday afternoon working on a painting for John as a thank you for all his help.

I am encouraged at the response I’ve received over my novel so far. Those who read my first chapter and made comments, wanted to read more. Rhys Ethan proofed my synopsis. He too was exited over the story and is ready to read my novel.

But for the sake of the story, I will have to let it go for this year, relax, paint, write posts, and finish my novel in January.

Here is the painting I did for John. I titled it John’s Farmland.