Australian Total Ellipse

Did you get to watch the Australian total Ellipse? I watched it live on line. Not like actually being there, but you do the get you can. It was better than hearing about it after the fact, like I usually do.

I’ve never been at a total ellipse, but I have been in two partial. Both times was while I was living in Houston, Texas, USA. When we were at the beach, we held a piece of paper with a small hole in it and watched the shadow on the dock. The other time I was at work and we watched through the window blinds. We had a row of little shadows move across the floor.

This time, I listened to live broadcast SLOOH SpaceCamera at

It was like listening to a news event. It continually amazes me how newscasters can speak on a subject and never run out of something to say.

One of their photographers was on USTREAM at a beach in Palm Cove.

Sometimes the Palm Cove site was also on SLOOH. Palm Cove saw the eclipse through a sky full of clouds. Slooth had a clear image without clouds. They also showed a partial eclipse from New Zealand.

As I listened to SLOOH and moved back and froth between the two websites.

I saw the eclipse without clouds and I saw it as slipped from behind the clouds. I got to see the same eclipse twice.

I might have missed the experience of being there, but I got a full show of the event.

I don’t know if the above image is from today, but it comes from UPSTREAM.

The below photos come from Huffington Post. There are many more to see at their site.