Update: Starting Over

I thought when I finished my novel I’d have more time. My goal was to get ahead of my blog writing, paint and read more of your blogs. Not so.

I feel like the retiree who thought after work, they’d have time to golf and fish, only to learn that they’re too busy to play. They often wonder how they had the time to work every day.

I’ve only finished one painting. As usual, I’m behind on writing blogs. And I’ve not read nearly as many blogs as I’d hoped. Oh well, might as well start another novel.

That’s another goal gone bust. I was NOT going to start anther novel until after the New Year. BUT as I was driving, innocently thinking about nothing, the first chapter of a new novel popped into my head. As soon as I got home I typed it up. It’s a first draft, so it will be rewritten.

I mistakenly thought I’d save it for when I got around to that particular story.

I’d already picked out my next novel; it was not the one which started with this chapter. Ah, but the creative mind has a mind of its own – we just follow alone.

I’ve already worked on this story with the new first chapter. It has 4,000 years of history and could be a series of 8 books.

The elevator storyline of the entire series is: The actions of gods affect the lives of their subjects. Throughout the series, the gods stay the same, but as the years pass, the humans change.

The series is call, The Making of a God.

This book does not start at the beginning, but near the end. I don’t have a title yet, but here is the storyline:

Cass Mackenzie’s Uncle Ty has died. As she claims her inheritance, a large, three-story, pale yellow house and all it contents, she learns the house and uncle are not what or who they claim to be.  The house has the ability to transport her to a different time in history then to a completely different world filled with magic.

I all ready know the general plot and who the characters are. Yesterday and last night, I worked on plot points and have started organizing the story.

Next, I’ll work on character personalities.

Usually, I just start writing and end up with a huge mess. Then I have to rewrite and rewrite to find the story and characters. But I’ve matured. At least in writing. ;0)

This time, I’m going to plan – carefully! – before I start writing.

Already, the first chapter I just wrote in now the second chapter.

There are three main characters:

Cass Mackenzie is a librarian from Knoket, Main. She finds herself in a world where she is the center of a prophecy to set the land free from warring gods.

Kavar is a wizard who worships Ekym, the Trickster God. His goal is to set his god free of the prophecy-curse so Ekym can then claim the land and rule without the interference of other gods.

La Hora is a priestess to her goddess Lara, the Goddess of Love. Her goal is to free her people and land from the tyrannical reign of the wizard Kavar, his army and his god of destruction. The goddess Lara will bring healing and health to the people and land.

Cass with travel with a human from the land, Ty, and an elf, (name to come.)

Kavar has manipulated a young female wizard, Megan. She is half human-half elf, the only one of her kind. He believes she is the answer to breaking the cure.

La Hora travels with the real heiress of the throne, Lydia, and her young apprentice. She joins forces with the ex-captain of the king’s guard. Together they will build an army to fight Kavar’s army.

O.K. that’s the story, here’s my new goal. I will create, plan and organize. I will NOT start writing until after the New Year. I still have some editing and a few changes on my just finished novel. Once I’m organized, I will start typing.

I’ll see how cooperative my brain is and what it has planned for me.

Ah, the best laid schemes of mice and authors.


But, Mousie, thou art no thy lane [you aren’t alone]
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft a-gley, [often go awry]
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promised joy.

Poem by Robert Burns