Update: Coming Alone

This is a follow up on the last Update.

To my surprise, I have a lot already done on my new novel.

Several times, I’ve come back to the story and have written something about in from the 4,000 years of history that I already have, which means I know the storyline and characters well.

When I moved from a PC to a Mac, I made sure all computer files regarding this story were on my PC, so when the techs moved everything from one computer to the other, I’d have all of it. Unfortunately some of the files were so old they didn’t survive the transfer. I’ve lost a lot of material.

But not to worry, I have plenty of hard copy. And everywhere I look, I have a copy of the 4,000 years of history. I’m in no danger of losing that.

But I can’t find the prophecy, which is the whole reason for this particular novel. I guess if I don’t find it by the time I start writing, I’ll have to create a new prophecy.

Right now, I’m taking plot points from the history and asking questions.

Such as: Humans have set fire to Sanora, the elf forest.

I ask: Why? Who set the fire? Was it the wizard Kavar who ordered his army? Or did the god Ekym incite humans to burn it?

Ekym did it. What’s the motive?

To further divide the warring twin goddesses. He and Mara are supposed to be friends. Mara is willing to stay neutral between Ekym and Lara’s warring (and I don mean warring). But if he can get Mara involved, he has a better change of defeating Lara and taking her humans as his subjects. Once that’s settled, he’s going to take Mara’s elves from her.

Mara thinks her sister Lara burned Sanora. She is furious and will retaliate. But how? I don’t know yet.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten on that thread. I have to figure out what Lara is doing so I’ll know what Mara does to upset her plans.

I’m not planning on reading all the old hard copies, although I might use them to inspire me. There might be plot points that I’ve forgotten. Like the prophecy!

I’m a much better storyteller now that when I first started this story. At least I hope I am.

I’m using the history as on outline, but creating a new story.

Even though I’m not writing the novel as of yet, I do have the first three chapters.  As soon as they pop into my head, I write them out so as not to lose them. I’m doing the same for any scenes that also pop up.

But mostly, I’m making notes, asking questions and filling in ideas. Once I’m finished, I’ll organize into chronological order and then start writing.

Even though I had not planned on a new novel until after the New Year, I’m glad I didn’t wait. Starting a new adventure is fun.