I had a publisher, but not no more

No, they didn’t drop me. I dropped them. Too bad, they are really good and I was looking forward to working with them. But let me start at the beginning.

I’ve always wanted to have a publisher. Mostly because I wanted someone else to do the work for me while I wrote. I also wanted professional help to produce a top quality book. And since I don’t have the money, a publisher was the way to go.

I joined Midwest Independent Publishers Association (MIPA). They are apart of the national Independent Book Publishing Association (ibpa), which produces a monthly magazine about publishing called the independent. (Yes, all small letters.)

I joined MIPA to see who and what was available in the Twin Cities area. I’ve met quality people and decided on a publishing company.

They have a good reputation for producing stunningly beautiful books. Their reputation includes quality story development. Just what I wanted.

I sent them my book proposal on a Saturday. They would have seen it sometime Monday morning. They called Tuesday morning to say they were interested and would send me a copy of the contact. I read it.

I was stunned at how little money I would receive. I have since learned they are more generous than most.

I’ve been told not to expect to make money as a writer, but I never thought it would so little.

My first thought was to just put the book on the shelf and forget about it.

All the work I’d put in it. All the work I had left to do.

There’d be story development; I’d be rewriting. They’d edit; I’d make the changes. We’d do this twice to make sure we got all mistakes. Then I have to market.

All for little to nothing in fanatical benefit?

It would be worth it if I were Harry Potter, but let’s face it, those are far and few.

The only way to make it worth my while is to self-publish; something I never wanted to do.

So I have been debating for days. What if I fail? If I don’t go forward, do I stop writing? I’d have more time to do other things. Should I just write for myself? I could post on my blog and that would be that.

But my goal was to make a living off my writing. It seems to do so, it would have to be self-publishing.

Because of MIPA, I know all the people I need to produce a top quality book. In between paid services, I get all the free information I need. I will have complete control of the book’s production and I get all the profits.

But if I thought writing a book was a big project, publishing one is even bigger. I won’t be writing while I’m publishing. I’m not completely sure about that.

Even so, I’m leaning towards self-publishing. I have friends who will never, I mean never, self-publish. Which means if I decided to go down this road, I’m going all the way. I’ll also publish their works. I’ll become a full business.

On one hand, I’m tired just thinking about it. On the other hand, I’m excited of the possibilities of a new adventure.

My next step is to have some long conversations about my future.

So my New Year’s Resolution is to decide my future and get organized.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

I almost forgot, I do have one more thing to say:

It’s exciting for my friends to like what I write, but it’s an even a bigger excitement when I professional jumps at wanting my book. They didn’t wait a week to think about it, they called the very next day. This gives me hope that I have a successful book, and encourages me to go forward.

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