Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

This Weekly Photo Challenge is Resolved. I’m to share a photo, which represents a New Year’s resolution.

So many resolutions have gone to the wayside, but if one doesn’t try, nothing will ever get done. And who knows this one might be the one.

And if it doesn’t, don’t walk away in failure. Reorganize. Reorganize again. And again, if need be, until you get it right. It might be hard work, but you’ll feel great once you’ve accomplished your goal.

The beginning of the new year is a favorite time for me. It ends the old and all it’s problems. The slate is clean. It’s time to start fresh.

Here is a picture of my two New Years projects. Neither of which started on New Year’s day.

My new exercise program started a couple of months ago. It includes biking, light weights and yoga. I stared slow and have been building endurance and strength. Any second now, I’ll start seeing results. Ha.

On the wall is my next novel. My resolve is not to get into the usual writing mess. This time, I’m creating an outline. A few days ago this was a jumbled storyboard with cards sort of randomly placed with thoughts. Last night I rearranged the cards in the order of the story. This morning, I added a few more chapter ideas.

Once the story is all in order, I’ll commit it to the computer. As I’ve been working on the cards, I’ve also gotten scenes and chapters, which I’ve typed up. So far, I have 13 pages. I’m on my way. ;0)

New Resolutions