Writing Challenge: the Devil is in the Details

Writing Challenge: the Devil is in the Details

This is from the beginning of Bearer of Trust, the new novel that I am presently working on. (I apologize that there are four paragraphs instead of the required three.)

The old wizard woke with a start. He thought he was dreaming, but the voices didn’t not come from his dreams or from within his head. The voices were all around him. The words were sharp like striking a rock with a pick ax. They grew in intensity to the roar of flood waters crashing through a canyon. His hut shook with the thunder.

He opened his eyes expecting to see his stool and table toppled over, and his potions and books crashed to the floor. But all was well and in their place. He knew he was still in his bed, in his hut, but at the same time, he was not there. He appeared to be hovering high over ground.

It was early morning. Birds should have been welcoming the new day. Squirrels should be scavenging for food. Smoke should be rising from chimneys as first meal was being prepared. But all was quiet. No one and nothing stirred. Not a fly or bee was about. The wind had stilled, not a leave rustled. All of Aghalar had gone silent as if every living creature was sleeping, or were to afraid to be alive.

Deep grey, purple, green and black bellowing clouds rose, foamed, and poured up from behind the northern mountains to overpower the sky. The voices were that of the gods. They were angry and fought like spoiled children. The gods were always fighting, but never like this. This was something new. This was something for which the mortals of Aghalar would suffer the repercussions of quarreling gods.