Deidhre Wauchop

On Wednesdays I like to promote other people’s blogs. This week is about Deidhre Wauchop. You can read about other guest bloggers under Categories: Guest Bloggers.

Deidhre is a retired educator of the arts, dance and technology of the arts.

Now that she is free to of her job, she spends her time being creative. She paints, photographs and dances.

She has four blogs.

1. Deidhre at Artist Practice, is about her art work, sometimes using the computer to help her her create.

2. Violet’s blog, is associated with her dance website called Dancing Capital (dance education).

3. Mastercrafting, is about learning and mastering basic crafts, and also knitting for charity

4. Food promise (not much on there yet), documents food we eat and cooking, and will document gardening and growing food to eat.

Static Capital is her husband, Chris’s blog. He is a model-maker and airbrush expert with focus on scale models, in particular, WWII aircraft, armor, and science fiction models.

The image below started as a picture of a dusty floor, which she enhanced to produce a mythical landscape. If you go to her blog,Deidhre at Artist Practice, you can see the transformation.

This is Deidhre’s submission to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond: Dusty Floor.