Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure

The instructions for WordPress Daily Prompt is for me to write a story or post with an open ending, and let you, the readers, invent the conclusion.

I’m using something form my new novel Bearer of Trust. I plan to incorporate some of the best ideas in my story. Have fun …

Sanora Burns

Elves don’t live in their rainforest forest; they are apart of it.

They don’t cut down trees to build their homes. They mold whatever they find, tree branches, saplings, vines, and leaves to build their homes. This molding also creates works of art and walkways within the city they have build in the trees.

The Sanora Rainforest Forest is more than trees and flowers. Magic is as much apart of the forest as the wind is apart of the air.

Because the elves are so physically and spiritually connected with Sanora, they are as much apart of magic as the plant life is apart of the forest. One cannot live without the other.


Humans have left their valley and have crossed the mountains to burn Sanora.

But magic would not let them.

So the humans did something so detestable, it broke the elves’ heart.

Humans used magic to burn magic. To the elves’ horror, that which was to stand forever, that which was their breath of life, now is crumbling into ash. Sanora Burns.


Reader, you have three choices:

1. How do elves function within this magic?

2. Describe the fire? How is it different from other forest fires?

3. What are the elves doing to put the fire out?