Fiction: Kartra’s Revenge

He was Vivira’s child. But it wasn’t until the boy was older that Kartra considered who his father might be. When she discretely inquired to the identity of Vivira’s lover, no one seemed to know.

They knew, but would not speak of it, which only heightened her suspicions.

By the shape of the child’s eyes, the curve of his nose and the tilt of his head, she knew. The child was clearly her husband’s.

Kartra watched from an upper window as her husband, walked from the Palisade across the clouds. When he stepped into the sky and walk down to Taugra, the world below, she changed shape and secretly followed.

Without so much as disturbing a blade of grass, Kartra stayed close, resisting the urge to nip Cocholo’s heels. She dare not attack the omnipotent Father of the Gods. She had not the power to defeat him.

The sun shimmered off the calm surface as Cocholo disrobed and joined Vivira, The Lady of the Lake, in her waters. Hidden among the weeds, heart sickened, Kartra watched as they swam together.

Why? What attracted him to her? Vivira was drab, lumpy with mouse-brown hair. She smiled, laughed, and giggled as he spoke. He soaked up her immature attention. They made love.

Kartra’s disgust deepened to a ferocious hatred.

When Cocholo had exhausted his treachery, he dressed and walked back to the heavenly palace.

Kartra stayed behind.

Patiently, she waited until deep dusk, when her shadow would not be seen in the clear waters.

Vivira lazily floated on her lake as she rested on a cool bed make of lily pads.

Silently, Kartra moved just beneath the water’s surface so no ripple warned of her approach.

Pink petals covered the Lady of the Lake as she slept content from her lovemaking. A hand hung over the edge submerged in the water.

Kartra struck quickly, only a touch of venom – more than enough.

“Oh my.” Vivira woke with a start to examine her hand. Two tiny red spots appeared in the middle of her palm. “Something bit me.”

The paralyzing poison quickly took hold. Her hand dropped to her side, unable to move.

In the last of dusk’s light, Kartra slithered onto Vivira’s stomach. Her forked tongue touched Vivira’s cheek and tasted her terror.

“You had no right to take what is mine,” Kartra hissed. “You will pay for your deceitfulness.”

A gargling sound came from Vivira’s throat, but no audible words.

“Begging my forgiveness?” Kartra asked. “I have none to give. Not for you, not for him.”

She positioned herself near Vivira’s head, opened her jaws wide and before the Lady had completely lost consciousness, the snake devoured her and her goddess powers.

Kartra changed back into herself. She stood on the lily pads, looked up to the heavens at the Palace of the Gods and smiled.

He husband was there; totally unaware of what had just happened. Kartra now had the power of two, more than enough to confront him and defeat him.