I’m Back With An Update

I’ve been away for the last two weeks and have posted very little.

During that time, I’ve been rereading my novel The People of Akiane. I’m getting it ready to give to a story developer.

To my surprise, I forgot to read through the manuscript after the last draft. I was so sick and tired of it, I just want to be done with it.

Not sure what I was thinking, but near the end of December I submitted a proposal to a publisher. I didn’t think they’d get back to me for a couple of months. I had plenty of time to read through by then.

To my surprise, they called me three days later. They wanted the book. I had sent it in just in time to be published in 2014. If I’d waited until after the New Year, it would not be published until 2015.

I was so happy that a professional thought me worthy of publication I totally forgot to read through it.

So for the last two weeks, I’ve been reading and cleaning up. There were a few places of redundancy. i dropped two chapters, but kept the reason for the chapters and added it to another chapter. And I rearrange a couple of chapters.

I dropped the word count form 135,000 to 128,000. Still a bit long. One of the reasons I want a story developers is for them tell me what to cut out to shorten the novel. I guess I could have kept writing and made this into two novels, but I’d rather not.

You may wonder: What is a story developer?

It’s similar to being in a writers group, but these readers are published authors. Hopefully they know more. Although, I’ve gotten pretty good advice from my amateur writing friends.

This novel, The People of Akiane, has been through four different writers groups. (And you wonder why I’m sick of it.)

It’s different from the original idea. It’s also a whole lot better.

The first group was oh hum about it and had many suggestions regarding the characters and storyline.

The second time around one person said she didn’t care what happened to the main character. Good advice. Why waste time if no one cares. I put the story aside and worked on something else.

Third time around, I was told the main character was too negative.

Each time I made changes to characters and story. I got great reviews for the last read. But I still think the story could be better. So this next read through will be with three professionals. I’m looking forward to what they have to say.

I’ll let you know what happens.

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